James Dondero: A Hero In Charitable Giving

A lot of things can be said of James Dondero and charitable giving is one of them. He believes in helping his community thrive. To him it is not just making a profit with your company but what you do with that money. Dondero only wants the best for Dallas and strives to be the best businessman and philanthropist around. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.


Being able to put a business like Highland Capital in the forefront of why it is important to give back really does set the bar high for other companies. There are those companies who do not practice ethical behavior. Instead, you got what you wanted. That should be your cue to think that maybe contributing fully to society is lending a helping hand when needed. It is important to think like Dondero and realize that we are all in this together Giving sets your heart free and showing compassion for anyone regardless of what seems to be the norm may be the key to setting our work straight. He can be seen as the man with the biggest heart. James Dondero loves giving to different causes that he is very passionate about. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see people thrive and be happy. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Highland Capital is an investment business that Dondero helped to build. He has celebrated women and their right to work hard and contribute. If you want to see any of the contributions that he has made, all have to do is look around. You will be surprised at how people perceive you if you are a giver to the community that you serve in. Dondero loves Dallas and means well by showing everyone how to serve. His generous donations sponsored a hippo habitat. Giving back is essential the everyday citizens who are focusing on their community.

Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_Capital_Management

Glenn Schlossberg and Cathy Daniels Apparel

Hop Style Group announced tóday its management óf the sportswear Label Cathy DanieIs. Jump Style Group possesses used upon all asséts linked to Cathy Daniels. The Cathy Daniels sales force and factory groupings will continue while Director Jerry Passaretti-the encounter of Cathy DanieIs for days gone by 40 years-will spearhead it is business advancement within Bounce Design Gróup.

“We’re nót on an objective to take businesses that are in big trouble and change them around, ” clarifies Ashesh Amin, CEO of Jump Style Group. “We’ré on an objective to acquire businesses which have an audio organization portfolio, ánd complement all of them with these approaches, marketing, and consumer’s bottom.

The past due Herbert T. ChestIer began Eccobay 39 years ago, out from the returning chair of his statión wagon. In 1984, a couple of years after his sóns Sam and Dánny became a member of the group, the Cathy Danieal label premiered and is growing and improve ás ahead inside the moderate sportswear region. Sam and Dánny mentioned, “Glenn Schlossberg trained all of us the business enterprise, that was built about effort, dependability, integrity, and dedication in order to the very best item for the customers. inch

“We will be extremely pleased with the reality that we have gone a musical legacy and ensured our whole Cáthy Daniels group, incorporating our factory teams, could have the opportunity tó continue steadily to run the company under fresh leadership, very well stated Dorrie and DanieI Chester, inches Today for phase, we’ve passed the tórch to Leap Design and style Group, yet moreover to Glenn Schlossberg, Ashesh Amin ánd Jerry Passaretti-wé desire them extended growth and achievement with this family heritage. ”

Mister. Amin, án apparel sector veteran who also provides helped build bránds J. Créw, BCBG, Adrianna Papel and Bómbay Top Firm left a comment, ” During the last 30 years, each of our founder Schlossberg established a solid business basis at Leap. In thé following several years, we all will graph and or a fresh program by using the state-of-the-art technology to have the best merchandise tó the client at the proper time. Each of our acquisitión technique is normally to synergize the robust back again end infrastructuré with the obtained companies, as the front end-thé brands and product sales teams-remains the same. inch.





Wen By Chaz Harnesses the Power of Lavender In Hair Treatments

Wen By Chaz is a company that produces a revolutionary hair cleansing product that does not strip the strands. It is a type of hydrating conditioner that gently removes build-up. WEN offers many fragrance choices in this lineup, and additional styling aids are available in the same scent.

Lavender has always been a fan favorite. The scent of lavender has been known to have a calming effect, and the oils can often help in stress reduction. It is easy to see how this fragrance can be paired with the hair cleansing and treatment processes.

Some of the products in the Wen.com line are the famous cleansing conditioner, hair mask, and balm. The lavender cleanser is infused with natural avocado oils and juices from the aloe vera plant. The lavender hair mask uses macadamia nut seed oil, chamomile extract, and rosemary to soften and hydrate. Hair balms create big holds and sharp angles in hair. All Wen By Chaz hair balms are worked into dry hair in a few strokes, and they give a lasting all-day effect.

Chaz Dean is the founder. According to Inc.com, the company began in the United States in a studio in Hollywood, California. Today, his products are sold on eBay internationally.


Discover The Portfolio Worth Of The US Money Reserve

The US Reserve (USMR) has given many new customers the opportunity to own gold. You can purchase the rarest gold in the industry under the highest standards. Best of all, they represent the superior Gold Authority® with a 99 99 percent rarity.

Today, many people have been able to give their clients the opportunity to buy gold coins, bullion, and bars. They also specialize in the finest platinum and silver for their clients. You can also upgrade your portfolio with the precious metals offered by the US Money Reserve. Their guarantee is very important to their customers including the complete satisfaction or their money back guarantee.  Learn more about US Reserve: http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-in

The Ronald Regal Commencement Coin

The USMR has been the only precious metal network to produce a hand signed Ronald Reagan commencement coin in the world. This coin will only be available through the US Money Reserve. Ronald Reagan made a landmark decision with his 1985 Gold Bullion Act. This made way for the proof Eagle Coin.

These coins will mark the 30th anniversary of the landmark decision for the gold industry. His son Michael Reagan is responsible for hand signing the rare coin. In fact, there will only be 250 of the precious coins made available to the general public. Read more: US Money Releases Reegan Plaitinum | Daily Forex Report

Their CEO, Philip Diehl was once the director of the US Mint network and hails in the precious metal industry. He has been able to use his talent and passion for the precious metal industry to attract new clients to the gold industry.

He’s proud to introduce his clients to gold ownership. Today, the USMR has also allowed his network to win the Adsense award for advertisement. You can learn more about Diehl from visiting his official LinkedIn account. The USMR is proud to have Philip Diehl available for the US Money Reserve gold industry.

They have some of the best packaging standards in the world. Your precious metal is guaranteed in a beautiful collection box. You can also get your shipment in uunder 30 days of your order. You never have to worry about a lost package because each shipment is guaranteed. More importantly, your order is shipped with discreet packaging to protect your order from being stolen.

The USMR has been helping their clients with gold ownership since 2002. They’re the largest distributors of gold coins, bullions, and bars in the world. You’re invited to visit the US Money Reserve to learn more about their purchasing or ownership options today.

Malcolm CasSelle revolutionizes gaming industry through WAX

OPSkins, the top dealer in virtual assets also deals in, notably bitcoin. This organization is among the companies with a majority of followers and clients. Given how successful it has become, its owners have launched WAX, a new blockchain to assist in the promotion of their services.

Advantages of WAX

WAX is powered by Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm. DPOS makes it decentralized, fast, and efficient. It comes in with the intention to solve common problems in virtual asset markets such as fraud and fragmentation. This platform is aimed at creating a secure market that will assist the gamer’s trade gaming assets.

WAX will enhance security as there will be no middlemen reducing cases of fraud significantly. This blockchain will also sort out the fragmenting geographic issues. WAX tokens are bound to eliminate FOREX problems creating a perfect trading platform.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is an international businessman who has worked in various regions across the globe. He is also CEO of OPSkins, an online market platform. He also works as the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), an organization that offers users an opportunity to operate e-commerce businesses by providing them with payment processing solutions as well as built-in security. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also an alma mater of Stanford University where he majored in computer science.

Malcolm CasSelle has always been a visionary leader as he has successfully established various businesses. Among them is NetNoir, a firm that develops, promotes, and sales African-America owned products. Under his leadership, NetNoir became the first organization to be accepted by the AOL Greenhouse Program. He has also worked for Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a telephone company that trades on the Hong Kong stock market.

It is while working in this region that he got to learn Mandarin and Japanese. Malcolm CasSelle has also worked for Capital Union, a business that operates primarily in Hong Kong. This executive also has a vested interest in the gaming industry and has worked for social network companies such as Xfire. He’s also worked at Timeline Labs, a company he helped set up in 2013.

Igor Cornelson: From Engineering Student to Renowned Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment expert who was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. At age eighteen he enrolled in the Federal University of Parana majoring an engineering major. The school was one of only two universities offering engineering courses in the area, and getting admitted was quite an accomplishment. However, he changed his major to economics and soon after graduating began work at an investment bank in Rio de Janeiro named Multibanco. Hard work earned him a quick promotion to board of directors and again to Chief Operating Officer (CEO).

After Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America in 1978, Cornelsen decided to leave the company. He stuck by this decision even after being asked to stay at the company. Such a talented man of course promptly found another position, and he joined Unibanco one of the top investment firms in Brazil. But in 1985 inflation spiked, and he left for a more favorable secure position at Libra Bank in London. He was paid in American currency and moved to London, where he changed jobs one last time to work for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. They were impressed by his work at Libra Bank and requested that he join their board of directors.

This would be his last job, and he worked for the bank several years until 1995. When he left the company to launch his own investment firm. He now manages his own investments and holds seminars. Cornelsen encourages investors to turn their attention to emerging economies like Brazil and China. His many years working in the industry have helped him to avoid financial disasters when every other investor fell ruin. When he is not working he enjoys playing a nice round of golf and spends his time between sunny Sao Paolo and South Florida.

Fortress Investment Group Forms Partnership With Virgin

While British billionaire Richard Branson is perhaps best known for his ambitious plans for filling the skies with supersonic jets, he recently made headlines by making an investment in a more traditional form of transportation, railroads. Branson is lending the name of his company, Virgin, to the railroads in the United States run by Fortess Investment Group. The new company name will be Virgin Trains USA.

An ambitious plan

Currently, Fortress Investment group operates railroads in Florida, and their operation is going extremely well. Their vision is to take their railway service nationwide, which is a hugely significant development since it will be a private-sector railroad system in a country where government-subsidized Amtrak has long been the dominant intercity railroad company.

Even though millions of Americans ride on intercity trains each year, currently Amtrak is virtually their only option. Amtrak came into existence when the Federal Government consolidated existing railroads from private companies, and the planned Fortress Investment Group system will be the first privately-funded, intercity railway system built in over a century.

With Branson’s backing, Fortress Investment Group plans to first extend their Florida service to Orlando and Tampa and, pending Federal approval, next to Las Vegas and Southern California. Wes Edens, chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, plans to ultimately add lines to Charlotte, St.Louis, Dallas and other major cities. Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

A winning formula

As far as the new company goes, Fortress Investment Group will operate and manage the railroads while Virgin will have a stake in the company of a few percentage points in return for its investment. Richard Branson said that he is thrilled with the new plan. He noted that he has struck similar deals with other United States firms, and his company Virgin America, which operates on a similar model to the planned railroad system, has been extremely successful.

Visit: https://www.fortress.com/about


Felipe Montoro Jens Speaks About Brazilian Infrastructure


Infrastructure is a crucial part of any soiety. All societies need to have roads, buildings and other areas in good working order. One person who knows this well is Felipe Montoro Jens. Brazil is where he has chosen to focus his career and attention. In a recent report, he speaks out about a survey of the architecture in Brazil. In his opinion, there is much to be done. As someone who has made his career in this growing nation, he cares deeply about ways to keep Brazil’s structures in the best possible shape. Many factors have gone into creating economic opportunity in this South American nation. These include a skilled labor force as well as a location that makes it easy to access this region’s markets. At the same time, he believes it is imperative to think about how best to help make any repairs to the nation’s basic structures in order to continue to attract more investment. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at infomoney.com

He believes that government officials have wrongly decided to contain spending. One of the areas they have chosen to cut is that of spending on necessary public works. In the process, Jens is of the opinion that there may be unexpected results that might lead to problems in the future. In his opinion, there are actions that can be taken to help stem this problem. Specifics such as better equipping teams can help. The same is true of working closely with public managers on these projects. Giving them the tools they need to manage problems more efficiently should ultimately pay off in the long run. Issues such as technical problems can also be overcome by proper management that knows how to manage better on reduced funds. All of these actions, he believes, will lead to a more functional Brazilian infrastructure and economy.

Read more: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/


OSI Group Graces Portfolio Expansion In The Industry Of Food Production

Scaling a business is rather difficult. It takes some effort to be successful. In the beginning, an individual has to wear different hats. This means they have to deal with sales, marketing, and portfolio expansion. It also implies that one has to understand taxes as well as the essence of corporate compliance. Growing a small business also involves a lot of interaction with clients and prospective stakeholders. In the end, such projects take a toll on you. If you are struggling to scale your business, this article highlights some vital points using OSI Group as a prime example.

Who is OSI Group?

Currently, OSI Group is a leading food provider across the world. It has about 20,000 workers employed in 65 facilities. These facilities are spread in 17 countries. The company’s history is appended to the humble beginnings of America’s 20th century economy. Today, the company’s growing presence is still evolving into a modern, globalized economy.

The Roots

OSI Group started as a small shop when a man called Otto Kolschowksy joined the booming German immigrant and relocated to Chicago. The German descent comprised a quarter of the town’s population. The city was known as a business hub and the entry point for immigrants who aspired to establish businesses in the area. According to the poetic Carl Sandburg, Chicago was the world’s hog butcher. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky started a small business to serve his people. It was a retail shop that supplied meat. Within a decade, he had expanded the business to Maywood. Within another 12 years, the company absorbed Otto’s sons thereby rebranding to Otto & Sons. For decades, Otto & Sons continued to be stable.

Postwar Economic Expansion

The postwar economic boom is also referred to as the World War II economic expansion. It was an era of economic growth after the Second World War. It ended with a recession. During the time, Otto & Sons sprouted into a luxurious business that served clients in the modern suburbs. Business alliances were formed. Kroc established McDonald’s first restaurant. It was situated in Des Plains. He also became the first franchise agent for the family business. Before flagging off the operations of the company, he entered into a contract with Arthur and Harry, Otto’s sons. They became the company’s first supplier for meat.

Global Expansion

Otto & Sons transitioned into a regional supplier. The two next decades were filled with tremendous growth. The sons produced an affordable, consistent, as well as consumer-driven food. The two needed to rebrand again. Therefore, they hired Sheldon Lavin to help with the transition. Today, the company is known as OSI Group. It has expanded over different states and is currently supplying meat and related products to masses.

Find more about OSI Group: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-OSI-Group-LLC-EI_IE19677.11,24.htm

The Captain of Southridge Capital: Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital is a company that specializes on customizing and bulding a unique business or financial plan based on the particular and fixed needs of their clients. With their honed cutting edge financial skills, they execute these plans with an almost 100% certain success rate. Unlike other companies, they unusually enjoy finding clients with cases that are difficult and finding the light in that dark situation for the client to reach his maximum financial potential.



A company that is well-renowned and as successful like Southridge Capital is, of course, lead by a genius of a leader. For this company his name is Stephen M. Hicks. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of his company, Southridge. He has set the vision and mission of the company along with the strategic road that the company will journey in. He is also responsible for the development of plans and its clean execution. Stephen Hicks is of course well-versed in the industry with more than three decades of experience in the investment industry.



An individual like Stephen Hicks almost never has a free day – but his typical day is usually ifilled with porfolio review and making a to-do list to be followed during the day – for him not to be scattered and for him to be aligned with his staff. He always looks for new avenues to take but still ensure that his current investments are growing and developing.



He takes pride in his experience – his adventures in Wall St., are experiences of gold and rust, which are both to be treasured for the lessons they hold. With time evolving, he runs with it – right now Stephen is interested in cryptocurrency and pot.



A tip for entrepreneurs now is to make it a habit to make a list every morning of things to accomplish and make sure everyhing goes according to plan. Check out scribd.com




A peak into how he spends is money is that his best 100 – dollar experience was spent on lunch with a geo political master that gave him unpriceable knowledge that he will use forever. It’s cliche, but knowledge will always be power. You can visit southridgeholdingsllc.com




Stephen Hicks is definitely a business tycoon to follow!


Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html